The ERFA President tells EUROPOLITICS of the Association’s expectations a few days ahead of the European Parliament’s vote on the 4th Railway Package.

EUROPOLITICS also comments our open letter to the TRAN Committee “Sabotage of the European Railway Reform”


François Coart answers to: 1) What do you expect to see from this vote? 2) Those who defend the holding companies say that fair competition can be guaranteed by the regulatory authorities … 3) The ERFA is calling for expanding regulator’s power to include road. Why is that? 4) How do freight operators see the situation on railways today? 5) Is competition not working well enough in the EU? 6) What is most urgent at this point?

Linked documents

See pdf Europolitics interview of F. Coart ( ERFA-Press-Europolitics-Coart4thRP-20131213.pdf )

See pdf Europolitics comments ( ERFApresscoverage-Europolitics-20131212.pdf )