Rail - Europe's climate solution

Rail - Europe's climate solution

CER, EIM, ERFA, UIP, UIRR and UNIFE share the view that the Graz Declaration can mark the beginning of a new era of clean, safe and affordable mobility for the benefit of Europe’s citizens, the environment, and society at large, and reiterate the importance of keeping  rail  at  the  heart  of  national  and EU  policies  for  a  decarbonized  and  clean transportation of  the  future.


The European rail sector is committedto deliveringa modern rail system that responds to customer needs, providing both quality and cost-effective rail services. Under pressure from  fast-paced  technological  developments  and  environmental  efforts  in  the other transport modes, the rail sector isdetermined to maintain rail transport at the forefront of the green agenda and to continuously build on our strong safety record.Support  is  needed  at  all  levels –local,  regional,  national andEuropean,  in  order  to maximise rail’s full potential to the benefit  of  citizens,  society  and  the  economy.


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