Ambrogio Intermodal becomes newest ERFA member

Ambrogio Intermodal becomes newest ERFA member

ERFA’s Board of Directors welcomes the addition of Ambrogio Intermodal to the ERFA membership. Ambrogio Intermodal is one of the major Italian intermodal transportation companies on the national and international market.

Founded in 1969, Ambrogio Intermodal now has companies established in five European countries (Italy, France, Belgium, Spain and Germany). Since its beginnings in 1969, Ambrogio has been the pioneer of a mode of transport that transferred long-distance journeys to the railway, leaving only the local pick-ups and deliveries to the road haulage.

Ambrogio Intermodal President, Livio Ambrogio: “We are pleased to join ERFA and cooperate with the association in order to promote rail freight competitiveness across Europe. We will work to contribute to the progress of our industry, which in recent years has been facing significant challenges. This is a new century of the railway, and we must work to ensure a safe and reliable service for our customers.”

ERFA President, Dirk Stahl: “I believe that the membership of Ambrogio Intermodal will support the work of ERFA. Intermodal transportation is increasingly becoming a key component of the European Rail freight market. It is therefore necessary that the position of rail freight in discussions at European level also sufficiently takes into consideration and builds on the view rail freight customers. For this reason, I am very happy to welcome Ambrogio Intermodal to ERFA”.

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