Workshop on 'Rail Freight Digitalisation' Business Case : Road-Rail Combined Transport

Workshop on 'Rail Freight Digitalisation'  Business Case : Road-Rail Combined Transport

On December 14th 2016 ERFA together with UIRR (Combined Transport Association) welcomed nearly 40 participants to the Workshop on "Rail Freight Digitalization". 8 speakers provided valuable "food for thought" regarding different digital solutions, covering all aspects of rail freight transportation including interfaces to infrastructure managers, terminals and the customers. The participants agreed that digitalization is an indispensable prerequisite in order to gain more efficiency, reduce cost and increase the modal share for rail freight. Sharing data amongst the actors while respecting sensitivity of some individual information is crucial as well.



Moderator: Dr. Roland Klüber | CEO Consilis GmbH


Digitalisation: new buzz word for IT? (Mr. Jan Groenewoud - CEO | Ab Ovo)

Train Information System (TIS): the TAF TSI Business Process & Train Information System (Mr. Josef Stahl - RNE | TIS General Manager)

Digitalized Rail Freight for logistics Excellence (Mr Rayan Farhat | Business Developer Traxens)

Sharing information between actors – case study for the intelligent freight wagon (Mr. Tiberiu Buzás - RailWatch | Director Sales & Technology)

Joint efforts - seamless handling of cargo information (Mr. Thomas Wolf - HaCon | COO HAFAS)

Emerging Trends in Rail-Road Traffic Management and its affect upon rail freight and road logistics (Dr Stephen Ayers - Thales UK | IM Business and Product Manager)

Digitization from a logistics perspective (Mr. Frank Knoors - Logit One | Managing Director)

Agile Optimization in Inland Terminals (Dr. Ingo Marko - Inform | Senior Consultant)