2016 Annual Event

2016 Annual Event

ERFA Dinner Event

EU Transport Head, Henrik Hololei, urged the rail sector to raise its game and improve its competitiveness. The solution to many of the key challenges lie from within the sector.

ERFA President, Irmtraut Tonndorf stressed the readiness and the momentum of independent rail operators to drive forward dynamic change in the rail sector. The cost and quality issues need to be addressed urgently by the sector.

ERFA Pre-dinner debate on “Rail Freight Rights”

Key presentations on:

The American experience in Europe – how the rail freight markets compare Matthew Walsh, Executive Vice-President of Genesee & Wyoming Inc, USA

Rail freight in the logistics value chain. What needs to be improved?

Jens Holger Nielsen, CEO Samskip

Are passenger rights enough to improve passenger services in Europe?

Barbora Mickova, Public Affairs Manager in LEO Express

Do Europe’s national borders make efficient rail freight services impossible? The experience from the Netherlands.

Hellen van Dongen, Dutch Transport Ministry

2016 Annual Event pictures: