1st RU-PRIME Dialogue Meeting

1st RU-PRIME Dialogue Meeting

The joint dialogue between the Railway Undertakings (RU) and the Infrastructure Managers (PRIME) fora took place on the 28th March in Brussels. Chaired by the European Commission, the objective was to discuss several issues in order to find a common understanding and common solutions to addressed them.

Michail Stahlhut, ERFA Board Director, presented the expectations of railway undertakings in order to improve the markertability of the rail freight corridors. He asked the sector to speed-up the implementation of the Rotterdam sector statement on rail freight.

A discussion took place on how can the rail sector deployed effective and market-orientated Key perfomance indicators (KPIs) in the rail network. A strong collaboration between PRIME and the RU Dialogue on this topic has been highlighted.

The issue of the derogations of the train drivers' language regime for cross-border sections was addressed. Many participants expressed their interest to see developed and deployed a single operational language in the European network.

Finally, ERFA presented the current legal framework on on rail track access charges. It calls IM and EU Member States to properly implement EU rules on rail track access charges in order to bring predictability, transparency and simplicity in charges.


ERFA and ERFA members actively participated to the discussions.

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