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Operational focus

Focus on liberalization, fair level-playing field and cost control.

ERFA follows political dossiers which are crucial for rail market opening, as well as technical dossiers which are cost- and discrimination-sensitive. 

The main issues today include:

  • 4th Railway Package: political and technical pillar
  • White Paper: mid-term review
  • Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T)
  • EU-Corridors
  • Weights and dimension directive
  • Revision of Combined transport Directives
  • Noise-differentiated track access charges
  • ECM and GCU

Latest News


ERFA press release on ERTMS

ERFA welcomes the European Court of Auditors’ ERTMS report, stating that ERTMS has not been properly planned, deployed and managed, and that the individual business case for the parties involved have not been considered.

The lack of a business case for today’s railway undertakings, who will face the costs, but very little of the benefits of ERTMS, should be addressed as a priority.

ERFA welcomes the key report recommendations for a thorough assessment of the costs, coordinated and legally binding dates for decommissioning national signalling systems and the improved targeting of EU funding for cross-border sections and locomotives involved in international traffic.



ALLRAIL Press Release on Rail Passenger Rights

Last week a new proposal for the regulation on EU rail passengers’ rights and obligations was released by the European Commission.

ALLRAIL stresses that better access to rail travel information should become a passenger right.

While ALLRAIL welcomes the new Regulation, our press release highlights how the travel information proposals will jeopardise further growth in above Rail competition.


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