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Who we are

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We represent new entrants and cover the whole value chain of rail transportation.

In 2002, a handful of new rail freight operators decided to set up their own association under the name of ERFA (European Rail Freight Association) in Brussels (B), close to the EU institutions.

ERFA represents new entrants, i.e. all those operators who want open access and fair market conditions, and sustains their role of pushing forward the development of the railway market. The Association is very much a spin-off of the First Railway Package, adopted by the EU in 2001, and its vision of creating an open and competitive European rail market.

In 2016, ERFA represents 36 members from 16 countries. The Association has evolved to a fully recognized sector association by all EU bodies (European Commission, European Parliament, Council, European Railway Agency, etc.) and other lobby organisations.

The members of ERFA all share a commitment to work towards a competitive and innovative single European railway market by promoting attractive, fair and transparent market conditions for all railway companies. The members of ERFA represent the entire value chain of rail transportation:

  • Rail freight operators
  • Wagon keepers
  • Service providers
  • Forwarders
  • Passenger operators
  • National rail freight associations