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ERFA Strategy Day

ERFA Strategy Day


In an animated discussion, ERA Director Josef Doppelbauer stressed that ERFA is a key ally for a competitive rail sector and the importance of ERTMS for generating growth in the rail business. ERFA will support ERA in achieving one compatible ERTMS across the EU and ERA to support ERFA in finding financing solutions.

In an open discussion with DG MOVE representative, Elisabeth Hochhold, ERFA members welcomed more transparency in accessing facilities and their services, but felt that further reflection was needed on the right of regulatory bodies to intervene in capacity allocation.

Useful exchanges were held with the German Regulatory Body representative, Wolfgang Gross, over key focus areas of the revision: PAPs do not meet the market needs, RAGs and TAGs need more power, and the quality monitoring is not in place.

In a presentation from Transport & Environment representative Samuel Kenny, the importance of keeping road transport out of the CO2 Emissions Trading Scheme, otherwise there will be no political power to enforce sustainable transport schemes.