ERFA / Railway Undertakings Dialogue

Railway Undertakings Dialogue

The Railway Undertakings (RUs) Dialogue offers a forum for regular and open dialogue between RUs, the European Commission and the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA).

RUs disccuss about specific issues on regular basis in 5 thematic subgroups: Access to service facilities, Digital Agenda, Key Performance Indicators for Freight and Passengers, International Freight, and International Passenger.

ERFA will regularly publish documents concerning the RUs dialogue on its website in order to guarantee that discussions are fully transparent.



In addition to the thematic subgroups, the RU dialogue intends to address several major issues:

EY and INECO have presented a Business case on the ERTMS deployment. The idea behind is to convince stakeholders to invest in ERTMS deployment and to promote the Commission’s deployment plan by giving a complete and positive picture of the benefits of ERTMS at the corridor level.

Business case


The technical pillar of the 4th Railway Package is supposed to be implemented in all Member States by the 1st of June 2019. Therefore the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) has elaborated a Roadmap.


One of the key Commission's priorities for Rail is to assess and ensure the full and timely implementation of the existing legislation. The Recast directive establishing a Single European Railway area has a special attention in that regard.

State of play of the transposition of the Recast Directive.

Presentation of the Commission on the allocation of capacities and scheduling.


In order to avoid the fragmentation of rules concerning noise within the EU, the Commission decided to address the issue.

Presentation of the Commission on its Noise strategy and next steps.


The Commission has evaluated the current train drivers' legislation in order to know whether or not a new legislation is needed. The linguisitic requirements for train drivers is one of the main concerns for RUs, especially in cross-boder operations.

ERFA's letter addressed to the Commission and Infrastructure Managers dialogue (PRIME) on Language requirements for Train Drivers.


Passengers' rights differ largely from one Member State to another. After the consultation, the Commission will determine whether there is a need to address this situation.

The Commission's presentation on passengers' rights.