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RASTATT's Anniversary
One year after the reopening of the Rastatt line ERFA, NEE and UIRR highlight the lessons learnt and the positive steps taken to tackle rail freight's weak points, while mentioning some issues that remain open to this day. Never again must the closure of a small stretch of railway line lead to such chaos and wide-reaching economic damage.

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Press release: ERFA Strategy Day 2018
Press Releases

23/11/2018 - Press release: ERFA Strategy Day 2018

During the morning of the ERFA Strategy Day, the members discussed what should be the priorities for next year. A fantastic opportunity to take stock of what has been achieved and what needs to be done.

ERFA Strategy Day 2018

23/11/2018 - ERFA Strategy Day 2018

Private rail freight companies, represented by ERFA, held their annual strategy workshop in Brussels this week. The conditions needed to boost rail freight growth in Europe and to drive rail's attractiveness for customers on quality, reliability and cost issues were the main themes of the day.

ERFA is recruiting

12/11/2018 - ERFA is recruiting

ERFA is looking for a new Technical Officer! The new recruit will work in a small and dynamic team and will benefit from one-to-one coaching from our departing Technical Manager. The role is an opportunity to gain expertise on key interoperability and safety issues and to become a main point of contact for ERFA's members.

Rail - Europe's climate solution
Press Releases

7/11/2018 - Rail - Europe's climate solution

ERFA, alongside several European rail associations, welcomes the new political initiative, the Graz Declaration, pushing for greener mobility in Europe. At a time when transport remains a growing source of GHG emissions ERFA reaffirms its support for modal shift.

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